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These are my newest things I do...It is kind of random thou so be warned

L-chan xD
This looked cool xD

✔ Taken (Love ya IS)
❑ Single
✔ Mentally married to GrimmIchiShiro (meaning I'm married to Grimmjow, Ichigo, and Shiro who are fucking each other...and this is only mentally...besides it's not cheating when she's married to them too)

Lots of Grimmjow icons-
:icongrimmjowplz::icongrimmkittyplz::icongrimmjowpanteraplz::icongrimmjowcameplz::icongrimmrlyplz::icongrimmjowwtfplz::iconpanterahappyplz::icongrimmjowhappy2plz::iconsexygrimmjowplz::iconask-adjuchasgrimmjow::icongrimmjowroflzplz::icongrimmjowlolplz::icongrimmjowraepfaceplz::icongrimmcat::icongrimmjowrapefaceplz::icongrimmjowrapeface2plz::iconceilinggrimmjowplz::iconpervygrimmyplz::iconchibigrimmyplz::icongrimmjowrageplz::icongrimmgasmplz::icongrimmjowwhutplz::icongrimmysadplz::icongrimmjowboredplz::icongrimmjowsleepplz::icongrimmjownosebleedplz::icongrimmjowderpplz::icongrimmjowcuteplz::iconkittygrimmyplz::icontutugrimmyplz::icongrimmjowhuhplz::icongrimmjowomgplz::icongrimmjowsmirkplz::icongrimmypoutplz::iconbadassgrimmjowplz::icongrimmjowdiedplz::icongrimmykissesplz::icondatpanteraplz::icongrimmjowyayplz::icongrimmjowrawrplz::icongrimmjowffffplz::icongrimmjowmadplz::icongrimmjowsobplz::iconaskceilinggrimmjow::iconask-chibi-grimmjow::iconaskfemgrimmjow::iconaskpantera::iconaskpirategrimmjow::iconask-grimmjow::icongrimmjowsulkplz::icongrimmjowhappyplz::icongrimmulquiplz::icongrimmichiplz::iconsemegrimmjowplz::icongrimmjownyancatplz::icongrimmjowpokerfaceplz: :iconaskshinigamigrimmjow::iconasknekogrimmjow:

Random Favourites

I like this stuff...I didn't make but I wish I would have

Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf


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Sigery97 has started a donation pool!
156 / 9,999
Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points
I am trying to get a membership ^^;
So pretty please if you spare some points, any amount, I would love and thank you

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime, pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;
I will also do Sequels to anything I have written before

One-shot-5 :points:
Two-shot-7 :points:
Short series(3-5 chapters)-10 :points:
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-12 :points:
Long series(10+ chapters)-15 :points:

Extra 2 :points: for each chapter with smex
Extra 2 :points: for each serious fight scene

Also if I write something for you, you can 'upgrade' it to the next length thingy if you pay the difference (such as if I write a one-shot and you want it as a two-shot then you would pay more 2 :points: cuz 7-5=2)

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story

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Just call me Sigery
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

PRAISE AND WORSHIP OUR DEAR LEADER :iconmajorgeneralwhiskers:… (It is a lot of crap but I will at some point make something good)… (Nothing there yet but still)
Facebook (more like my second one...but this one will probably be more used than my original anyway XD)…
I love Anime
this includes D Gray Man, Bleach, Inuyasha, Ramna 1/2, Naruto, Shugo Chara, Etc...
I love Warriors. (JayXCinder 4ever)
I love Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, and Hichigo (from Bleach)
I love Yoru and Ikuto (From Shugo Chara)
Saki and Maki are my main Bleach Ocs...they are Grimmow's younger sisters
Saki is the Shinigami part and Maki is the Hollow part

Anyway I am Sigery97 but you can call me
Or Sigs like Maxeller and IS do

I support all pairings...some more than others...

I am a writer (at least I wish) and a horrible drawer unless I really spend forever on it without I have trouble with. I try to reply to everything and try to work on stories but I am still a student so I have trouble with that >.>...Ummm...I like Ichigo, Hichigo, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Kisuke, and Gin from Bleach the most
If you need to contact me, Email me-

Saki-:iconinsanenekosister: (The annoying blue haired crazy Neko...little evil genius sister of Grimmjow who else stalks me)
Other Account-:iconsextassexkitten: (Not used as much as here)
KuroChu- :iconkurochuplz:

Ask account- :iconaskshinigamigrimmjow: :iconasknekogrimmjow: :iconaskkuro-kumo:

I am NOT a Justin Bieber fan...

Funny quotes from Ichi-Maid
"Eat your soup" -Ichigo (To Toshiro)
"I would rather sleep with my brother"-Ichigo (To Nnoitra)
"Hichigo would be rough than Nnoitora could dream of…plus you are his favorite"-Toshiro (Explaining the above)
"Strawberries don’t taste as good as they look…they taste better than that"-Grimmjow (After kissing Ichigo)
"I knew you weren’t asleep"-Ichigo (To Grimmjow)
"And you throw ice at everyone too"-Ichigo (To Toshiro)
"Good day you hopeless Assholes and hope you burn in hell with your many woman"-Ichigo (Yelling at everyone :XD:)
"You just enjoy me in a maid uniform, pervert"-Ichigo (to Hichigo)
"No…but it was a nice bonus"-Hichigo (Responding to above)
"I am straight…Being a maid was the worst job ever"-Ichigo (Lying through his teeth to Hichigo and Renji)
"Worse than Urahara?” -Hichigo (To Ichigo...responding to above)
"You do realize I am a guy…right?"-Ichigo (To Grimmjow)
"Guess I am gay then"-Grimmjow (Responding to above)

Fave Bleach Characters
1. Shiro (Hichigo, Ogihci, whatever you call him) & Grimmjow :iconhichigoplz::icongrimmjowplz:
2. Ichigo :iconichigoukefaceplz:
3. Gin & Urahara :iconginrapefaceplz::iconuraharaplz:
4. Ulquiorra :iconulquiorraplz:
5. Everyone else :XD:


Now Run away before the perverts get you
:iconpervyichigoplz: :iconpervygrimmyplz: :iconpervyginplz: :iconpervyhichigoplz: :iconpervyulquiplz::iconpervymayuriplz::iconpervybyakuyaplz::iconpervyrukiaplz::iconpervyuraharaplz::iconpervyrenjiplz::iconpervyaizenplz::iconpervysasukeplz::iconpervynarutoplz::iconpervynadeshikoplz: :iconpervyashplz::iconpervykairiplz::iconpervykukaiplz::iconpervyutauplz::iconpervyrimaplz::iconpervykonplz::iconpervykiryuplz::iconpervyhitsugayaplz::iconpervymisakiplz::iconpervylplz::iconpervylightplz::iconpervysakuraplz::iconpervyitachiplz::iconpervytadaseplz::iconpervydeidaraplz::iconpervyamuplz::iconpervygamzeeplz::iconpervykarkatplz::iconpervytavrosplz::iconpervykankriplz::iconpervydaveplz::iconpervyjohnplz::iconpervysolluxplz:

This made me laugh...
By :iconakira-uzumaki-uchiha:

:icondollaravatarichigo: :icondollaravatargrimmjow: :icondollaravatarhichigo: :icondollaravatarulquiora:

Life fucking sucks... I thought I should put up a thing here to let you all know what happened... I'm a babysitter and stuff so I picked up the kids I was supposed to be watching today from their school... was walking them home... while we were crossing a street some idiot driver decided to come flying down the street and thankfully didn't hit the kids but I got hit. Busted my arm so typing is a bit awkward with one hand. I'm still in the hospital right now, borrowing my mom's laptop. So I probably aren't going to be doing much for a while... not that I have done much here anyway...

EDIT: Guys, it was a joke... it was an April fool prank... sorry to those who truly believed it
  • Mood: Embarrassed
  • Eating: Thin Mints

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